Business Immigration LawOden & Dillard’s Business Immigration practice is a full-service practice representing businesses, organizations, and individuals from around the world on immigration and related matters involving hiring foreign nationals. In today’s changing world, employers have the freedom to recruit from pools of applicants who are from all over the world.  In keeping with the hiring trends, the attorneys at Oden & Dillard are able to assist employers with securing the best visa option that will meet their employment needs.

The attorneys at Oden & Dillard assists employers in all phases of the immigration process, from the recruitment of foreign nationals directly from outside the United States, to recruitment of foreign students from universities in the United States (and abroad), to the hiring and transferring of foreign national executives, managers, professionals, investors, athletes and performing artists to the United States.  We can assist employers securing nonimmigrant visa statuses as:  B-1/B-2, E-1, E-2, E-3, H-1B, H-2, L-1A/L-1B, J-1/J-1 waivers, O, P-1/P-2, Q, and R so that they can legally employ their foreign worker. 

For those employers who are willing to sponsor their foreign worker employees for greencards, we can guide you through what can be an extremely complex process.  Specifically, we can assist employers and their employees with navigating through obtaining the greencard via the Alien Labor Certification/PERM process.  For those employees who are qualified to forego the Alien Labor Certification process, we can assist with obtaining a greencard as an Alien of Exceptional Ability (National Interest Waiver) or as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability. 

In addition to representing employers as they sponsor foreign national workers, we also the employer sanctions and anti-discrimination law compliance.  We conduct audits of employment verification forms (Form I-9) and regularly advise our clients how to establish efficient and accurate employment verification compliance programs. 
We counsel employer clients on the best short and long term visa strategies for their specific needs.  Whether it is a short term business visitor, a treaty trader or investor, a specialty occupation worker, an executive or managerial intra-company transferee, a physician or nurse, an athlete, musician or individual of extraordinary ability, the attorneys at Oden & Dillard are able to find the best business solution for your needs.