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Family-Based Immigration

Being thousands of miles away from family and loved ones can be a very stressful, particularly if you are facing an immigration issue. If you are considering initiating the immigration process to bring one or more family members to be with you in the United States, turn to the attorneys at Oden and Dillard, PLLC. We have the knowledge and experience you need in an immigration advocate.

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Business-related Immigration

Oden & Dillard’s Business Immigration practice is a full-service practice representing businesses, organizations, and individuals from around the world on immigration and related matters involving hiring foreign nationals. In today’s changing world, employers have the freedom to recruit from pools of applicants who are from all over the world.  In keeping with the hiring trends, the attorneys at Oden & Dillard are able to assist employers with securing the best visa option that will meet their employment needs.  

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